A Coruña Unveiled – My Heartfelt Camping Adventure

I’m here to spill the beans about my recent camping escapade in the stunning A Coruña, Spain. This wasn’t just another trip; it was a whirlwind of personal moments, incredible connections, and an all-out foodie frenzy.

Part 1: Meeting Manuel and the Local Vibes:

Picture this: setting up camp on the cliffs overlooking the breathtaking Atlantic. But the real highlight? Meeting Manuel, the most animated fisherman you’ve ever seen. We barely spoke the same language, but it didn’t matter. At dawn, we hopped onto his weathered boat, and that’s when the magic happened. The guy shared tales of the sea, dolphins playing in the waves, and I swear, we connected on a level that didn’t need words.

Manuel’s laughter, the gleam in his eyes as he pointed out those mischievous dolphins – that’s etched in my heart forever. We got a taste of the local maritime culture, and it’s not just a job here; it’s a way of life.

Part 2: My Love Affair with Galician Grub:

A Coruña’s food scene was out of this world! One night, I stumbled into Restaurante Marisqueira El Rincon de Rafael – a cozy den that worships the sea. The octopus, bathed in smoky paprika and olive oil, was a revelation. And oh, those gooseneck barnacles, or ‘percebes,’ were like little treasures. The fish stew, or ‘caldeirada,’ was a warm, comforting hug for my taste buds.

The tapas bars in Plaza de María Pita were where the real action was. I couldn’t speak a word of Spanish, but we didn’t need a common language. I shared octopus, empanadas, and laughter with the locals. It was like a party, a noisy, joyous, and utterly fantastic party.

Part 3: Hidden Gem Alert:

Wandering the cobbled streets of the old town, I stumbled upon Restaurante Casa Sésamo. It was like finding buried treasure. The ‘lacón con grelos’ was a hearty delight, and the local wines were a surprise treat. Every sip told a story of the land and its people.

And then, Restaurante Alborada. A Michelin-starred wonderland that blended innovation with tradition. Razor clams, the Galician beef – every bite was a masterpiece. It was a culinary adventure that made my taste buds do a happy dance.


A Coruña isn’t just a place I visited; it’s a place that’s now a part of me. The people, the unforgettable connections, and the foodie frenzy have carved their mark on my heart. As the sun kissed the Atlantic goodbye, I realized this camping adventure wasn’t just about exploring a location; it was about finding a piece of my soul in an unfamiliar place. A Coruña will forever be a cherished chapter in my personal journey, one I can’t wait to reminisce about with fellow travelers and keep as a treasure in my heart.

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